Are Single Moms The Marrying Type Material?

Men Usually Perceive Single Mothers

Men Usually Perceive Single Mothers

Single moms are literally some of the most misunderstood people on the planet. People in every country see them as a bit different in terms of leading their lifestyles and yet they are playing their heroes’ roles as they rear their children alone. They are also some of the most unfortunate individuals in our societies today not because they have kids without their fathers helping them out but because they are always misunderstood and misjudged. Unfortunately, some men see them as people starving for attentions and have certain characters that made them single parents.

According to data, in the US alone, there has been a steady increase on the number of single mothers for the past 30 years. A large percentage of them are working and having comfortable lives while the rest live on hand-to-hand existence with their children.

There are actually different reasons why we have so many single moms today. There are those that got divorced because they cannot stand living with their former husbands’ attitudes or philandering ways. There are single moms who became pregnant at their early age and were abandoned and there are the widows or basically those who don’t want to marry anymore. Incidentally, there are hundreds of reasons why single moms turned or chose to be single parents. But we cannot deny the fact that whatever the reasons for their getting singles, people usually judge them based from their status.

How Men Usually Perceive Single Mothers?

Just for us to write an article about this topic we gathered some men’s opinions to discover some unbelievable myths about single mothers. To come up with enough data, we read forums, blogs, independent pages and all other materials found online.

However, we were surprised with what we have discovered. That there are a lot of men having negative or doubting feelings about marrying single moms because they see them differently and not actually the “you-should-marry-her” types. If you want to know what we mean please read what these men say.

Note that the following statements which some guys have posted on the web are not actually the general opinion of most men so these are technically not based on facts.

  • Most single mothers usually have emotional baggages that once they are subjected to too much stress can therefore demonstrate unnecessary behaviors towards their partners.
  • They may not be honest with their relationships because some single moms usually dated lots of men as they try to find guys that can be perfect for them.
  • They cannot fully provide the attention their partners deserve as they are tied up with their children’s need for care and attention.
  • Some single moms are not just the domesticated types and they don’t feel like putting more attention to their guys.
  • Most of them are looking for partners that can only help them financially.
  • That marrying a single mother is like shouldering the responsibilities the ex-husband should be handling including the care for the children.

By the look of it, these are really very demeaning beliefs that some men have in their minds. Although we do not actually rely on these statements, still, we can say that these are really shortsighted ideas of some men.

The Real Score

To neutralize the above myths, we have also separated other men’s feedbacks that say good things about single moms. Some men even praised single mothers for being better housewives and partners because of their experiences and earned knowledge about life.

So to emphasize that single moms are beautiful people based from many men’s account, here are what they say just to break the judgmental convictions some guys place on them.

  • It’s not true that single moms are easy-to-get and would depend entirely on their partners’ income to sustain their children. Most of them got divorced because it is their ex-husbands that started the chaos. Lots of single moms today don’t even have time to date and are also working and can basically provide for their children alone.
  • Single moms just like the single dads surely have had a hell of a time during their married years but that does not carry the means to consider them emotionally disturbed. They have learned a lot with the experience, made them mature and tougher and more independent so they are practically more patient and forgiving. Generally, single parents can carry relationships better than single individuals because they basically have the innate understanding about the various aspects of life.
  • Single moms can also provide their full attention to their partners provided that their partners can understand their situations fully. It’s just a matter of love and consideration between the two persons and putting these into proper places.
  • A lot of single moms are more endearing than single women because of the fact that they recognize how care and love is needed to come up with a more solid relationship.
  • Only the immature, self-serving guys would believe that single mothers don’t deserve the attention and not worthy of re-establishing families with.

what some men say about single mothers

what some men say about single mothers

There are still a lot of things that we can tell you about what some men say about single mothers on a negative or positive perspective. However, we only highlighted few general concepts to show every side of the coin.

In reality, single moms today are tougher, wiser and always look forward to have more directions in life. Thanks to the government aids program, some have become more independent and more resourceful. Some have been able to finish their education thru educational grants granted by many government and private institutions se we cannot see them as fully dependent on men.

However, we should remember that single mothers did not basically wanted to be single parents and this is not essentially their choice. But because there are no options to take, they have learned how to survive inspite of the hard life and must face challenges head on. In other words, they are the survivors in our society so we must not misjudge them and see them on negative level because a lot of them are better than us. Have you ever wondered why there are families that are happy and successful even the mothers have second or third marriages? It’s because single mothers know perfectly well when men deserved to be freed or deserved to be kept forever.

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