Feasible effects of divorce on children

Problems that children of divorced families encounter.

Problems that children of divorced families encounter.

Parents’ divorce usually places kids at the probabilities for many types of problem. However most kids of divorce do not encounter those serious problems since most of the kids are strong and flexible and most of them would come to their regular lives after 2-3 years. Problems that children of divorced families encounter are often present even before the divorce; this is perhaps the result of conflict between parents, less attention given from parents, depression or because of other aspects. Most divorcing parents are worried about their children’s reactions to their divorce, they want to know will their kids be able to develop healthy and a happy life. Divorcing parents should understand that divorce is a life transforming experience that will greatly affect their children since after divorce; everything will be different from childhood to adolescence. Adulthood will somehow change especially with the decision to get married, whether to have kids or not will be totally different. Whether the outcome will be good or bad, lifestyle will be profoundly changed because of these issues of divorce.

Social, emotional and physical health effects of divorce

Children of divorce are at greater risk of psychological problems, some kids are more affected by divorce compared to others. The feeling of loneliness is persistent and is typical for children of divorce and that feeling of loneliness comes into different ways. It’s typical for kids to “lose” a mom or dad, but then after many years, most dads will somehow lose contact with their children and in that case moms will be working more that made them not to have enough time for the kids and this made the kids to rate their current relationships with both moms and dads less positively than kids from intact marriages.

Kids from divorced families tend to move out and this can result in loss of friendship that will throw in a lot in kids’ feelings of loneliness. Kids who are able to deal with their emotions somehow experience increased confidence, higher wellness, and social relationships since the concepts of psychological intelligence can help kids escape some of the consequences associated with marital conflict.

Many kids believed that they triggered the separation and breakup or that they did something wrong that made one or both moms and dads not want to be with them and these feelings can cause them to feel sad, depressed and angry and these negative emotions can cause to other problems such as illness, educational problems and problems with others. Many of the actual symptoms experienced by kids of separation are triggered by increased worries, stress and psychological uncertainty. Because of these illnesses, kids who encounter divorce will end up living their lives less.

child is suffering from stress

child is suffering from stress

Educational effects of divorce

Academics is another area that may be put at risk because of divorce since kids of separated parents performs bad in schools and have less academic achievements. Few of them graduate from high school and even fewer of them goes to college and even they have gone through college only few of them can get their degree. The reasons of this matters is that academic achievements can be affected if the child is suffering from stress or performs out rebelliously due to parents’ separation. In addition, separated parents are less able to afford private institutions for their kids and that made them to be forced to live in communities to which schools are badly funded and services are insufficient that’s why their kids also have the tendency not to set goals for higher education because if they force to pursue higher education, they might grumble that they might not get economical help.

Effects on children’s future relationships due to divorce

Divorced parents also worry that their example of divorce will damage their children’s chances of building lasting marriage. Children of divorce seem to have less commitment to the principle of a lasting marriage. Children of divorce are likely to leave unsatisfying relationships than hold on to it and try to improve it because the one they have experienced in their parents’ divorce deteriorates assurance in marital stability. Children of divorce also have greater complexity when it comes to trusting people, including a partner. Children who experience the divorce of their parents are at greater risk for a divorce when they eventually marry and children from divorce are less likely to marry someone who has the same experience like theirs.

Here are some of comprehensive resources for parents who are going through or have experienced divorce:

Kids in the middle at www.kidsinthemiddle.org is a nonprofit organization all about helping children who feel in the middle of a divorce. Main office is located at:

121 West Monroe Avenue
Kirkwood, MO 63122
Phone: (314) 909-9922
Fax: (314) 909-1831
Email: [email protected]

The Our Family Wizard website provides the possible tools for parents in divorced and separated households to communicate and organize their lives. Visit them at www.ourfamilywizard.com, E-mail at [email protected] and mail them to their mailing address at:

The OurFamilyWizard® website
1302 Second Street Northeast
Suite 200
Minneapolis, MN 55413

American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry offers some facts about children and divorce and statistical data that may help you teach your child to get past the hurt of divorce and begin to heal emotionally. There is an entire section that offers facts about divorce for families. Visit their website at www.aacap.org and contact them at: Phone: 202.966.7300, Fax: 202.966.2891

The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
3615 Wisconsin Avenue, N.W.
Washington, D.C.20016-3007

Busby and Associates Attorneys and Counselors at law P.C a law firm that offers professional legal services in the following areas of law: Family Law, Debt Consolidation, and Consumer Bankruptcy. Visit their website at www.busby-lee.com or through the following: Phone: (713) 974-1151, Toll-free: 1-(866)-912-9832, Fax: (713) 974-1181, E-mail:[email protected]

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