How And Where Single Mothers Can Find Home Assistance

Finding home assistance for single mothers

Finding home assistance for single mothers

Single mothers have their common problems aside from providing for their families and taking care of all the expenses at home. Everyday there seems to be new challenges that come their way. Especially now that the current economy is on its downturn, finding regular jobs to feed their families is really a big dilemma. But single mothers today are smarter and more strong-willed. They know how to take care of things just to cope up. However, one of the major problems that single moms can’t seem to get over with is having homes of their own.

Even though there are the affordable housing programs for single mothers that the government and private institutions have put up, most of the times single moms don’t know how and where to find these. In this manner, it is a constant challenge for them to pay for the house rents, find home loans or pay home mortgage regularly and these are really eating up their budgets that is reserved for their families. So the only obvious solution to homelessness is finding home assistance and other means to help single mothers pay for their rents or have their own homes. So here are the things they must try and these won’t hurt their time and budget.

Finding Ways for Single Mothers to Have Their Own Homes

  • Finding Federal Housing Assistance
    The government has nationwide housing programs for everybody including single mothers under the Housing and Urban Development (HUD). These are currently being implemented by local cities and municipalities. If you are a single mom wishing to have your own home thru government assistance, you can begin searching for your local housing department or even the social services department to know the application process for HUD funding. Choose your programs – either assistance for rental or the home ownership. Check the Public Housing Authorities Director’s Association to get some leads.
  • Find Faith Based or Local Non-Profit Organizations
    Many of the faith based (religious organizations) or local organizations do have home assistance programs for rents or for temporary homes for those who need homes just as quick. Some of these would even help thru payment of utility bills or with the purchase of food or groceries. There are the Salvation Army, Mercy Living in Hope or Catholic Charities. You can also contact the Family Unification Program and inquire about Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) if you really need a home but cannot afford one. If there is the risk of losing your kids to kids’ home institutions, try calling 202-708-0477.
  • Try Government Subsidized Programs
    If you want to buy your own home, try the Federal Housing Authority (FHA). This agency does provide special loans on long terms to single mothers who want to purchase their homes for the first time. You can also check AmeriDream at  AmeriDream is a non-profit organization that provides financial assistance to single moms that need down payment. You can also try checking Federal National Mortgage Association (FNMA) which popularly known as Fannie Mae. This government organization can assist you in finding cheap foreclosed homes that would suit your income.
  • Talk to a housing counselor
    Sometimes all it takes to find home for single mothers is to find a housing counselor and seek advice. He or she can answer all your queries about getting a mortgage, explain to you the home-buying processes and can even give you a good assumption if you are capable to pay for the home payments.
  • Be a member for Habitat For Humanity
    Habitat for Humanity is basically an international organization program established in helping the poor to have their own homes. It is a non-profit ecumenical Christian housing organization and its mission is to assist families including single mothers have simple but decent homes. With HFH, single mothers can pay their homes at very low cost and without the interest. Your payments will go again into building more homes for those who deserve it. However, single mothers should be willing to provide help along with the HFH when building other people’s homes.

There are still so many home organizations which the government and private institutions and religious groups have put up to help single mothers have their own homes and you can check them out on the web. Finding them is easy if you know how to use the right keywords. However, when it comes to home loans, make sure that you have a good credit rating so that lenders will trust you. If you have a bad credit rating, you can also ask a housing advisor to help you find organizations that do not entirely rely on credit ratings. The housing advisors are ever present on government housing program offices and every city has such offices.

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