Education Grants For Single Mothers Are The Best Educational Opportunities For Single Moms

Education Grants for Single Moms

Single Mother Education Grants

Education grants for single mothers are some of the most sought after opportunities by single mothers who still want to pursue their studies but can’t afford to. As finishing education is the only way today to increase our earning capabilities, there would be time that if single mothers would not look for financial aid, they can’t really make it through considering that supporting children, paying for home rents and other expenses can kill one’s financial system.

Well the good news is that single moms can now choose from a lot of resources which they can get their grants to and can be able to finish their college degrees with so much support. Education grants can help mothers pay for their tuitions but there are also grants that cover the college housing, provide allowances for buying the textbooks and even computers which are all school necessities. With the number of available education grants for single mothers today, the dilemma of most single moms that it is hopeless to complete a degree can now easily be resolved.

Here are what we found to be the best sources for education grants that would surely be wanted by many single moms. 

  • Pell Grants. These grants are considered need-based college grants. Grants here are directly provided to self-supporting students that include single mothers and the grants can be used to pay for the general college-related expenses. The present cap is $5,550 but this amount can change each year depending on the availability of funds. Pell Grants can be had by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and for single mothers this is one of the best ways to get their financial assistance.
  • Federal Grants. These grants are granted by the federal government so they are like forms of scholarships and can be applied by single moms. Some of these federal grants require that you must be Pell Grant qualified and have filled out the FAFSA. The following are good examples of Federal Grants:
  • 1. Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant. This provides financial educational assistance for single moms who are really in dire need for financial support and finances can range from $100-$4,000.
  • 2. Academic Competitiveness Grant. This also provides grants for single mothers who have completed their high school after year 2005. Financial support can ranged from $750 during the first year and around $1,300 for the next year.
  • 3. National Science and Mathematics Access to Retain Talent (SMART) Grant. This grant can be applied by single mothers who will be entering their third or fourth year in college. If provides financial assistance up to $4,000.
  • 4. Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education. This is one of the best education grants for single mothers who are aspiring to be teachers. Students can receive as much as $4,000. Moreover, the grant here must be repaid with low interest rate or there is also an option of providing teaching service for four years on areas where there is high need for teachers.
  • 5. The Iraq and Afghanistan Service Grant is very much eligible for single mothers and other individuals who are under 24 years old when their parents died in service during September 11, 2001 incident. This may not be applicable to large number of women but there are people who need to know this option.
  • National and Local Scholarships. We did also found some forms of scholarship that are much like grants but don’t require students to repay back their grants. Those who are involved here belong to the national corporations and associations who have pooled their finances together to form educational scholarships for individuals including single mothers. These include the following: 
  • 1. Google. It offers grants for single mothers that study information technology and computer systems.
  • 2. American Association of Retired Persons (AARP). Help single mothers that are beyond 40 years old.
  • 3. Jeanette Rankin Foundation. Supports women and single mothers that are over 35 years old.
  • 4. The Association for Women in Science. Provide grants for women including single mothers who want to study Mathematics, Engineering and other fields where technology is involved.
  • Your Company. If you are single mother working on an office setting but want to go back to school, you can check with your employer if it provides grants that single mothers can avail. Basically, around 60 percent of American companies are offering their employee benefits that include tuition assistance. Actually, the IRS is allowing companies to assist students with an amount of $5,250 a year per employee and that is tax-free. 
  • Colleges and Universities. There are actually a lot of colleges and universities that allot education grants for single mothers. The amount can help moms with their housing, tuition, textbooks, computers and all other school needs. You can check with the financial aid office of the schools about it. Your school can also help you find other viable sources for grants as schools are always connected with institutions and companies that are willing to provide grants to single mothers.

In almost every state, there are organizations that are set up to provide education grants for single mothers. However, take note that not all grants are given for free. There are supposed to be education grants but have hidden strings attached or charges. There are companies that will let you pay for your own educational expenses and will reimburse you after you have earned your degree. Some companies will require you to work for them on certain length of time before they provide you the grant. In any way, weigh anything first and consider the options if you afford it. Don’t forget also that your academic performance will always be the basis on how much grant you can get from every provider so always try to be a good performing student all the time.

Education grants for single mothers are always here to help and they are much available in many places. If you know any other sources for grants, we welcome your suggestions here and please leave us a feedback or comments to further our research so that next time, we can be able to provide more helpful information.



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