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Single Parents Isolation from Society

Parenting alone doesn’t have to mean being lonely for the rest of your life. Being alone shows itself in many ways and it’s feeling of isolation can hit at almost any age and within any group, not just separated individuals or single parents having difficulties to restore a social interaction. Being alone in single parents […]


Feasible effects of divorce on children

Problems that children of divorced families encounter are often present even before the divorce; this is perhaps the result of conflict between parents, less attention given from parents, depression or because of other aspects. Most divorcing parents are worried about their children’s reactions to their divorce, they want to know will their kids be able […]


How to be Happy as a Single Parent

Single parenthood is often seen as a disaster to those who are not yet single parents. Single parenting can be enforced or by preference; separation may take place because of mutual assent, you are left alone to take good care of your child and make sure to make them a good citizen. Reasons to worry […]