Best Vacation Tips For Single Mothers

single-mothers-vactionsCompare to most single parents, single mothers usually are more affected when separated from their spouses due to divorce. Studies also show that majority of newly divorced women suffer intense emotional setbacks as well as psychological stress compare to their men counterparts. However, it is not only coming from fresh divorces that single mothers can suffer because basically becoming a single parent is only the beginning of the distress as the solo parents will be taking care of their children alone and must strive harder to earn a living for their kids.

With heavy burdens that affect single mothers their emotional, psychological and physical wellbeing, those who don’t know how to handle issues can experience feeling of hopelessness, loneliness and even depression. And with too much pressure from their jobs, this can add more to the tension that has already settled in the minds of these mothers. In this case, the only thing that can unwind single mothers and get back their energy and mental health is by taking nice vacations. They can take a break somewhere with or without their kids. But because most single mothers would want to make sure that their small kids would be out of danger they usually take them along during their unwinding days.

But is there really such a thing as taking a vacation with small kids and expecting full relaxation? There is actually if you know what to do. With a planned vacation with kids, you and your kids can really enjoy your bonding time while relaxing on a vacation spot. So here are the advices to avoid hassles.

Tips When Planning for a Vacation with Kids

  • Plan your vacation carefully.
    If your kid is still a toddler and you want to spend your vacation on a beach or a resort, your venue must have a day care center facility or perhaps a play room, a nursery room and manned by professional attendants. You can now leave your kid entertained and in safe hands while you bask in the sun, surf, dive or swim on the beach. You can also bring a friend with you to enjoy a company.
  • Have a safety plan for your small kid.
    Kids can easily get sick and sometimes can be allergic to other things found outdoors. So pack something that your kid would really make use in case he gets stricken by allergies or get sick. Buy a medical kit for kids and you can ask a pharmacist for this. You must also search the phone numbers of hospitals near where you will be spending your vacation. Don’t forget to also bring a local map especially if you are driving to the vacation site.
  • Bring with you fun things your kids would enjoy.
    You could bring some things your kid could really love to indulge in while traveling so he would not get bored. Perhaps a book, a coloring book or his favorite music box to put him to sleep in the evening since you will be spending nights outside his comfort zone.
  • Know the place of your vacation site.
    Understanding where you would want to spend quality bonding time with your kid while you are on vacation is a must because it is more relaxing to play or stroll with your kid on a refreshing environment. Don’t forget to bring your camera and frame the best pictures and bring it to your office. A picture of your child and you in a nice vacation resort can perk up your mood while in office.
  • Reserve a room ahead.
    If you will be vacationing with other persons other than your kid, you should reserve a room prior to going to the place so don’t expect that you would easily find a room for you and your troop. Especially during peak vacation season like off-school days, it is really hard to find resorts that have available rooms. So reserving a room ahead is always necessary especially if you are with your kid.

Let’s say now that you are ready, it is time to give you ideas where you might want to spend fun and relaxing time with your kid. Here are what we have in mind.

Vacation Ideas for Single Mothers and Their Kids

  • Beach Resorts
    Beach resorts are always on the top list for anyone who wants to unwind on refreshing environment. Especially kids, they really love the beaches. The air there is fresher, almost free of mosquitoes, and with a wide vast of beach sand area, your kid would really enjoy making his castles right on the sand. Just don’t take your sight off from your kid whenever you are sunbathing and he’s playing around. Check travel tours for promos. There are a lot of resorts that offer travel packages for single mothers with kids and you can also avail discounts during non-peak season.
  • Travel tours
    If your kids are already grown-up, travel tours are the best ideas for you and your kids. A lot of travel companies offer single mothers’ packages through the year. You can visit tourist destinations such as museums, zoos, national parks and other worthy places where your kids can get amazed and meet people and new friends. And as you travel you also bond with your kids.
  • Camping
    Of course how can we forget camping? Camp sites do offer many recreational activities for the families. There are camp sites that are open throughout the year or sometimes only during weekends. With camping, you and your kids would really enjoy sleeping outdoors and your kids can learn many things about their surroundings that will encourage them to discover new things. You can also arrange travel with your friends and their families to make the experience more fun. As they say, “the more, the merrier” and that goes with camping as well.

So if you are a single mom who feels there is something amiss in your busy world that keeps your mind preoccupied with so many complex thoughts, perhaps all you need to have is a nice relaxing vacation with your kids. If you want to spend your solo vacation and your kids can handle themselves alone and already adults, you can entrust them to their grandparents or neighbors and spend 2 or 3 days somewhere just to get your mind organized. After that you are ready to face new challenges again. Single mothers are always stressed out people so a vacation can really clear their minds off their issues.  

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