How Single Moms Can Benefit From Network Marketing

Benefits From Network Marketing

Benefits From Network Marketing

Finding a job today is really difficult if you are not armed with a degree and that is especially true if you are a single mother. If you have not finished your college degree and get married you are bound to work on menial jobs while will always try to survive from a meager wage. That is why it is doubly hard to survive if you are a single mother especially if you have more than one kid. However, even single moms can do ways to alleviate the hardships brought about by lack of finances and that is by working on side jobs other than their regular jobs. One of the most popular money making opportunities that single moms can best fit to work on is network marketing.

Network marketing is also known as direct selling or multi-level marketing (MLM) and it involves selling of products through associated marketing while recruiting other people to do the same. If you are familiar with how Tupperware is being sold through networking or perhaps the style of Avon where a sole distributor can recruit many distributors, that’s the way how MLM goes. For a start, a seller will attend seminar or orientation about the products followed by learning the intricacies of selling the product, understanding the process of recruiting, commissioning and networking and there is business.

Why This is a Good Idea for Single Mothers?

The idea of network marketing can be excellent for single mothers because women are inherently chatty, sociable, have more powerful convincing power and are generally honest. Though MLM had a bad reputation in the past and even today because a lot of people use it to cheat people of their investments, it gathers the notions that network marketing is generally a phony money-making scheme disguised as legitimate business but managed by fraud people. However, network marketing is actually a honest to goodness kind of opportunity. The only problem with it is if you get involved with companies that have bad reputations so there goes the problem. So to better be sure that you will be joining a legitimate company, make sure that the company you are interested with has been in the business for many years and well-respected.

The good thing about direct selling is that you are to sell products to people that are not commonly found on conventional stores so selling the products are only exclusive to members. If you are a single mom you don’t have to visit other people’s house anymore and sales talk them on. You can now sell your products through the internet and invite people to be members to get discounts and earn the right to sell as well. By showing the products on your website you can gather a lot of audiences while you can communicate with your clients through chat, email or by phone. For every product you sell, a commission comes in. For every person you recruited, there is again your commission. So the real idea of direct selling is earning money through a two-way business deal and this is the kind of opportunity that single mothers can be good at.

Good Examples of Direct Selling Companies

single mothers network marketing

single mothers network marketing

There are a lot of success stories wherein single mothers became successful with MLM or network marketing. For one, Discovery Toys was built largely through direct selling. This company would not want to launch its educational toy business to the common market in its first phase of business because there are a lot of competitors out there. So what it does is it preferred to sell its products through direct marketing. Now Discovery Toys is launching its businesses on the web and has a worldwide audience. The modern technologies like the internet and cellphones have helped this ingenious company to become very successful. As we have mentioned, Tupperware and Avon are also another success stories of network marketing.

So what are the direct advantages that single moms can gain from network marketing? If you are a single mother, here are the nice things you should look at:

  • With the use of the internet you can do network marketing opportunity as a part time job and help yourself earn extra income without the need for capital. Distributors or major sellers will provide you training to familiarize yourself with the product and when you sign up you can advertise the company’s products in your own website. There are a lot of free domains you can now avail from the web.
  • You can do selling and encourage people to be members 24 hours a day so the chance of earning while homebased is continuous and excellent for all single mothers. You can do this as a part-time job earning an extra income from your regular job.
  • If someone orders your products you don’t need to deliver it personally to the buyer. The company will handle the delivery for you while you earn the commission.
  • Your customers will also pay you online like PayPal so you get a direct pay from clients without troubles. You can also pay your distributor the same way or through the company’s bank account which you can do online.
  • Starting from being a seller and a sponsor by recruiting people to join the network you can also become a distributor and that is the beginning of building your own network.

On the other hand, be very careful when choosing a direct marketing company because network marketing already has reputation of getting involved in pyramiding scams in the past. So better look for a company with the following qualities to avoid getting into a scam.

  • The company should have a legitimate and an excellent reputation in direct selling.
  • The company should have a clean track record with long years of proven honest selling. Not less than ten years in the business is acceptable.
  • The company should not have any record of unpaid debts or loans from any lending company or from other companies.
  • The company’s corporate office must have strong leadership and can provide you opportunities to widen your network reach.
  • The company should have a solid compensation plan that is attainable yet it should give you an opportunity to become a distributor.
  • The company’s products should be easy to sell. These must either be consumable, educational, very usable, safe for consumers, better than the products being sold at common stores, durable and yet affordable.

Network marketing can be excellent opportunities for single moms that they don’t have to leave their home to look for other extra jobs. They can spend more time with their kids and can become financially independent from it. On the other hand, experts in marketing advised that single mothers who have regular jobs should not leave their jobs once they venture on network marketing. They must test the waters first before leading on with its processes. Single mothers ought to have job security while network marketing can provide a good back up support for them to gain extra money.

If you want to join a network marketing company, take our advice. Join only a legitimate company with long years of respected business history.  

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