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Assistance for Single Mothers Dealing with Self-respect

Single mothers juggle problems 24/7 and it will ultimately have an effect on how she views herself and other people. Most single mothers loose their self-esteem and self-respect because of the challenges bought by raising a family. Self-respect is having appreciation, pride and assurance in you. You have to have a good amount of respect […]


Positive Discipline for Single Parents

The life of a parent, single or otherwise, is not an easy thing. Life will always have to adjust to the demands and needs of the self, family, and community. However, being a parent with a spouse is relatively easier than being a single parent. Why? This is because certain responsibilities and obligations can be […]


Surviving Single Parenthood: Tips on How to Carry on as a Single Parent

Taking care of a child can be a very difficult phase in an individual’s life. Fortunately, a lot of individuals have a partner to help them take care of their child and attend to its different needs. There are cases, however, when the person is doing it all alone and at most times they are […]