How Single Moms Can Have Their Own Cars

Single Moms Car Loan

Single Moms Car Loan

Everyone needs a car. A car can be the best thing that you can have especially if you have a family. In any industrialized country, cars are considered some of the major basic necessities as it can provide people the convenience of travel and making people’s lives easy. However, cars are literally expensive to buy especially if you are a single mother who doesn’t have the means to buy your own car. In that case your transportation can be a big problem especially if you have kids that need to be brought to and fetched from school. When you go to work or go shopping you also need a car and commuting can be an expensive regular activity.

Nevertheless, we can see lots of single mothers driving their own cars too. There are now plenty of single moms who can afford to buy their own cars and have the financial capability to pay for car loans as they have good paying jobs. But how about the single moms who don’t have the best jobs? Will they be relying on public transportation forever? Well, single mothers who think it’s hopeless to have their own vehicles should not worry because we have some suggestions which they can try. Who knows, with these ideas they will also be driving their own cars in no time and feel the convenience along with their kids when travelling.

So if you are a single mom who really need a car so badly but can’t afford it, try these tips;

Solutions for Single Moms to Have Their Own Cars

Find organizations that offer free cars to single moms. A lot of us don’t know that there are many individuals who donate their used cars to organizations that support single parents. Such cars are put in good condition before they are donated so these can still be reliable for many years

Here are the organizations that award refurbished vehicles to single mothers: 

  • Newgate Education Center. This is a vocational school that provides auto body and auto mechanic training to students belonging to poor families. Lots of people are donating their second cars to this center to be used as the students’ hands-on units. In a year, the NEC gives out around 4 or 5 used cars to single moms who were referred by women’s service and shelter organizations.
  • Wheels for Wishes. If you are familiar with the Make a Wish Foundation, this nonprofit organization is also accepting car donations from individuals who wish to help single mothers. There are already lots of single mothers who have acquired their refurbished vehicles from this pro-poor foundation.
  • Springs Rescue Mission. This is an organization that accept car donations and give these to single mothers who are in dire need for vehicles. Especially mothers who have more than one kid and living farther from the main cities, they are often prioritized as the most probable recipients.
  • Salvation Army and Goodwill. These two humanitarian nonprofit organizations also accept used running cars from anyone who want to donate. Most of the times, they sell cars who still have good market value and use the money to help the needy but they also give out used cars to those who really need it.

By checking the websites of these organizations, you will see how you can be considered for a free vehicle. Just remember that the vehicles these organizations provide are not brand new or the high end types but these are still usable and can make your life a little easier. So find these organizations on the web and call their number. Some of these organizations may just be in or near your area. However, if any of these organizations don’t have cars available for donation right now, there are still some things you can do to have your own car and these we will explain to you below.

Other Attainable Means of Having Your Own Car

taking an auto loan

taking an auto loan

Well, the main keyword here is considering taking an auto loan. Most single mothers may not easily see the chance of obtaining their own cars because they generally don’t earn much unlike most single dads. Especially with kids in their custody, they may not always have extra money left to pay for car loans. However, we also have some solution to this problem just for you to have your own car.

The most viable thing you can do to know if you are capable of paying for car loan is inquiring from online lenders. State your income, your regular expenses as against your wages, properties or collaterals if any and they will see how they can help you. There are legitimate lenders that will help you finance a car loan that is within your income’s coverage. If you have a bad credit rating, there are also online lenders that can help you improve your rating and help you get your own car which you may afford to pay in certain years.

However, if your budget cannot basically carry extra expenses such as a car loan, there are things you still can do to earn more income and here they are:

Tips to Enable You to Buy or Finance Your Own Car

  • Take a car loan
    A car loan can be the best way on how you can have your new car. However, lenders will not provide you the car loan for single mothers if it would be impossible for you to pay a regular monthly payment. So what you can do is to try to find a part-time job like an online job for example or work more hours for overtime just to earn extra income and earn money for down payment and for regular payment.
    Always think about the lenders’ point of business. Lenders know that single mothers usually have single jobs and they can’t usually pay for car loans if they won’t have extra income. So do something about earning extra money other than your single job.
  • Check car traders who sell used cars
    There are lots of reliable but cheap cars being sold by dealers of second hand cars that cost only around few thousand dollars. Just check if everything’s alright with the car before you pay for it.
  • Reducing your usual expenses
    Experts advice that the best way to save hard earned money is by reducing expenses on the things that can wait for some time like cutting out a bit of your family’s recreational activities, limiting the times of going on vacation, or lessening your shopping sprees.

So even though you are a single mother and practically trying to survive with your meager income, there are still ways and means on how to have your own car. All it takes is perseverance, positive attitude, willingness to succeed and of course these ideas that we gave you.


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    Hi im a singal mother of two boys one with a disablety and they both school age kids i have to transport back and forth to school.i have a car now buy with all my expenceses i cant afford to buy parts for my car im driveing my car in pins and driveing with my back brakes mental to scaird becouse this is also the car that keeps me working asswell and if i lose my car i lose my job and i cant transport my kids to school or doctors appts..thank u so much my number to be reached at is im in tampa fl so it is 8132790021 thank u soo much for haveing this site to at least i can email.thnks

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