Ways How Single Moms Can Learn To Be Independent And More Self-Sufficient

More Self-Sufficient Single Mom

More Self-Sufficient Single Mom

Most single mothers today live with their parents especially those who have kids and are still very young. Nonetheless, it is now common especially on more developed countries that single mothers prefer to be independent once they got their jobs and can spend for their kids already. On the other hand, single parenting is really a tough job especially on women who have faced divorced so sudden. They may instantly feel that it is really not easy taking all the duties in nurturing the kids alone. And with the thoughts that there would be a lot of burdens in the horizon, sometimes this can alarm single mothers a lot.

Actually, the feeling of being single again but with kids to care for can be overwhelming for all single mothers at the beginning of their independent lives. But with the right decisions, planning and brighter outlook in life, single mothers would be able to learn living normally and can feel more secured rather than feeling abandoned and helpless.

If you are a single mom who thinks you can’t handle your situation, you actually can and here are the tips that can help you get through the worried feelings.

Advice on Single Mothers How to Be Independent and Self-Sufficient

  • Try to enhance your mindset. Don’t let negative feelings or fear overcome your thoughts. Accept life as it is and take examples of women who are single moms or once single moms but now have better lives. Remember that our thinking creates our fate so if you always think positively you have the best chance of overcoming all the challenges and can achieve success as well.
  • Set some goals in life. It is not the end of the road once you get separated from your partner. Have some goals and work hard. Always think what you want to achieve and act to have it. You can plan for everything step by step and have some strategies if you want to ensure you get to your goals. For example, if you want to continue your education, apply online for educational grants or look for organizations that provide financial assistance to single mothers.
  • Train your kids to be independent little by little. As a single mother, it is your task to train your kids to become independent even at their young age. Train them to handle tasks according to their age so that they would not always be dependent on you as they grow up. Help them to be analytical with their undertakings and you will see that as they mature, a lot of burdens can be lifted out from your shoulders.
  • Learn to live with what you have and what you can get. Don’t rely too much on the support your ex provides to your kids. Most of the times, such support money would not be enough for you and your kids. Now that you are single again, try to earn money on your own but try to live within your budget. If you get strapped out of cash for your basic needs and cannot derive help from anybody, look for government assistance programs. Not only you can rely with government programs, there are a lot of institutions that provide aid to single parents and you can check these on the web.
  • Always find a better paying job and attend training to prepare for a career. Now that you are alone working for your kids, find jobs based from your credentials that pay better. Apply online or look for sidelines on the web which you can do homebased. To improve your credentials you can also look for free training program which can give you better opportunities in finding better jobs.
  • Learn to save and avoid useless spending. Since you are now obliged to be frugal, learn the ways on have to save money with your spending. If you want to buy or shop for some things, look for bargains, sales, and freebies or even free promotional products that can equal the things you want to buy. Also, tell your kids that they need to watch their expenditures and use their allowances well. Your kids will understand and this will teach them how to be practical spenders as well.
  • Avoid relying on your credit cards. Sometimes you need to use your credit cards if you are really short on cash and need to buy something. This is not bad especially if you are already financially independent and can have extra money from your budget. But this is not good if you just want to use your card on unnecessary items. Your unwise use of credit card may drain your pocket so don’t forget that you ought to pay for what you owe and must pay it right on schedule or you accumulate debts. With lots of debts, you can easily get stressed out physically and financially.
  • Cutting unnecessary home expenses. It’s different now that you are earning and paying for everything you use in your home. Since you don’t want to see a lot of bills in your mailbox, you can consider cutting out some expenses which you can live without like your landline, cable TV plan or other expenses that are just part of your “wants” not your “needs”. Local TV channels can also provide entertainment to you and your kids and you can also get cheaper mobile phone line for your communication needs.
  • Do extra jobs. Some single mothers whose kids are already grown-ups do other jobs aside from their regular jobs. Some do babysitting, tutoring, work as part-time waitresses on restaurant, cashier to stores, and a lot more jobs that women can do during their spare time. If your kid is still very young, you can hire a baby sitter while you do some extra jobs. As we have said, you can also look for online part-time jobs and can even find full time jobs on the web like becoming a copywriter, a virtual assistant or an encoder.
  • Set aside small amount of money little by little. If you are earning extra cash with your part-time jobs, try to save a little money regularly. Emergency expenses do sometimes come out of nowhere so it would be pleasant if you know you have a set aside money that you can use. If you also want to buy or pay something significant like your kids’ tuitions, your savings can always be reliable.

Becoming a single mother can be a nightmare for some women because they think they cannot be able to cope up. But this is actually an insignificant mode of thinking. Single mothers can easily survive even their kids are their responsibilities. They can literally excel in life as long as long as they set their own goals and can focus on it. They just need to be practical, hard worker, constantly motivated and can always consider following these single parenting tips.

If you are a single moms and you think you can’t handle it, you are wrong. You are not alone in this planet. Can’t you see that a lot of single mothers have better lives than when they were with their irresponsible partners? In fact, once they became single mothers, this made them realize their full potentials and used it to carry on. So try to see that everything in normal perspective and accept difficulties as challenges.

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