Women: Understanding the Stresses of Separation and How to Deal with It

single mothers live in a pattern

single mothers live in a pattern

Women, single or married, who have a greater self-respect generally, experience significantly less stress due to the fact that they have the inclination to view stressful scenarios in life as usual and small troubles that they can effortlessly master.

Most single mothers live in a pattern. They wake up, go to work, come home, care for her kids, and sleep. Sometimes, they don’t sleep at all. This leaves them exhausted to the point that they neglect their own needs.

Single mothers who experienced losses are also prone to developing emotional instability. The abandonment or death of a husband causes changes on her perception and behavior. These women experience interchanging feelings of loneliness, depression, anger, guilt, shame and other negativities. And if these are left unnoticed can lead to serious problems

It’s All About Self-Esteem

A woman’s self-esteem, especially single mothers, is a vital aspect of her capability to conquer physical and emotional tension. There is a connection involving reduced self-esteem and degeneration of health with regard to stress. Women who have a greater self-esteem typically have significantly less stress because they have the tendency to look at stressful situations in life as typical and little problems that they can easily conquer. It is also essential to know that a woman with low self-esteem will encounter higher levels of depression and react a lot more detrimentally to emotional and physical stress.

Turning to your friends and family plays a big role in coping with your situation.  When you are having a depression, reaching out may prove to be difficult. And at times, you’d feel too exhausted to talk, ashamed of your situation or being guilty for disregarding the relationship. Remember that this is just your depression speaking. And isolation can only worsen your feelings of sadness. So, tell yourself that your family and friends care for you and are there to help you overcome this struggle. You can create a great support system by putting your trust in your loved ones. Exert effort in keeping up with the happenings around you, even if you are not up to it. Aside from them, you can join support groups in your community or online. Being with other people will significantly decrease your feelings of loneliness and isolation.

Standing Strong As A Single Parent

Being a single mother is tiresome and can give the wrong impression to people. For example, when a mother gets stuck in traffic and gets late fetching her child, most probably, the teacher or other parents will agree that she had been somewhere inconspicuous. Sometimes, new acquaintances will assume that single mothers are out to steal their husbands, which is an unfair type of stereotyping. Single mothers are, also, frequently questioned by their ability to raise their children properly. Before things get worse, certain methods and ways can be applied in order to minimize, if not stop, the wrong way of life that the children could follow.

a single motherhood is tiresome

a single motherhood is tiresome

Unlike in some countries, the United States of America has a high rate of divorce and single parenthood. In other countries, like the Philippines, there is no divorce, but, annulment and legal separation only. Legal separation entails that the couple is still married, but, lives in different houses. Annulment, on the other hand, this legally separates the couple as if their marriage had never happened. This type of separation makes any children sired during the married years illegitimate, plus, it takes years to process and would need a strong and valid reason. Meanwhile, divorce is a legal termination which has less strict rules than annulment.

Available Options and Contact Information For Further Assistance

If family and friends are not enough, professionals are ready to assist. Keep in mind that the government of the United States of America and Non-Government Organizations provide emotional and psychological assistance to single parents and their families. The National Parent Helpline (www.nationalparenthelpline.org) is operated by Parents Anonymous® Inc., which can be contacted at 1-855-427-2736 for emotional support, and help, of being a parent, and, for advices and strategies in order to maintain family happiness and strength. Their hotline is open Monday to Friday from 10:00 AM PST to 7:00 PM PST. For families already having trouble with children’s behavior, the Non-Government Organization “Because I Love You” (BILY) helps parents deal with children having problems like delinquency, drugs, problematic friends, school problems, and others. This Non-Government Organization can be contacted at their phone 818-884-8242, or, at their website bily.org.

Formerly known as the Brooklyn Women’s Shelter, the HELP Women’s Center accommodates single homeless women ages 18 and older. The center helps women look for permanent housing and plan for their future. On top of that, medical and psychiatric services are also rendered. The HELP Women’s Center is situated at 116 Williams Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11207, and, can be contacted at (718) 483-7700 (phone) or at (718) 240-9195 (fax). Another transitional housing is the HELP Bronx Morris Avenue. This housing facility is found at 285 East 171st Street, Bronx, NY 10457. Most of the families living in this facility are headed by single mothers. Medical, dental, and mental health services are some of the assistance rendered to families. There are also GED classes, a daycare or early childhood education, after school programs, and mentoring of children. This housing can be contacted at (718) 583-0174 (phone) or at (718) 583-9085 (fax). The HELP New Horizons is another transitional house and can be contacted at (347) 381-6200. More information can be found at www.helpusa.org.

For therapeutic and counseling services for families struggling for life’s challenges to which will help heal, fix problems, find solutions and grow stronger, visit counseling corner inc. in their parent’s cornerat http://www.counselingcorner.net/parents/divorce.html to where it will help you how to help your children cope up to divorce. You may also call them at 407.644.5437 (KIDS)
407.843.4968 (Adults and Couples), fax: 407-447-4543, reach them via e-mail at  or visit their primary location at 1630 Hillcrest Street
Orlando , FL   32803.

Accepting Single Parenthood For All Its Ups and Downs

factors to love being a single mom

factors to love being a single mom

For a single mom, becoming a mother is like the two sides of a coin, while you have the wonders and the happiness of being around with your kid, the issues and the pressure associated with it, cannot be lined out as well. Whether being a single mom is by option or because of getting separated, it is very difficult to be a both the mother and father. Keep in mind, a kid needs love, health care, attention, and appreciation from both the mother and father. If you are a single mom, you alone have to bear the liabilities of both a mother and a father. Single parenthood does not make you less delightful. It just indicates that you have more obligations than before. All you need to do is to be great and knows how to understand and deal with the severe facts of lifestyle with poise, you can perform both the tasks just completely - just have complete trust and perception in yourself. There are factors to love being a single mom, we all know that it’s one of the challenging tasks on earth but, concentrate on the good and while you’re at it, you should take a laugh. Nobody select this direction, but while on the situation, let’s just recognize the advantages.

The choices are all your own, you’re the boss!

There is no one to challenge your energy, you are basically the person in charge of your home and what you say always goes. You do not have to seek advice from anybody about being a parent, your policies, and educational options. There is also no chance that stress can strike when views vary and no need to admit you were wrong on something you strongly feel for the benefit of peace. There’s no other grown person in the family to think about in with his/her views or try to reason out or justify matters with you. Self-centered, yes; but still, it is completely amazing.

Alone time for yourself and your kids

You can value your time alone some time to use it sensibly, based on what your needs are. You can use your time just for you including the time you will spend together with friends. You can also make sure that you put your time in excellent use that will allow you to be a better mom to your kids when you will be out together without being distracted by someone because adding someone to the works in any situation indicates more people who need interest and time, having less time with others indicates that you have more time to invest with your kids and you get their interest and time in return without having to discuss with anyone else.

Your kids will get to know you better

This is true especially as they get mature, there is nobody else for you to discuss to, so you discuss to them. Without burdening them with your problems, you do usually discuss more of your day to day things, which will gets them referring to theirs. Your connections with your kids are extreme and in-depth, with regards to time invested together. When you are with them, it’s just you and them, which will led to an amazingly powerful connection and the sense of recognition for them.

House chores are distributed between you and the kids, not with your partner

raising kids within marriage

raising kids within marriage

First of all, you can use your fear-provoking voice and make the kids clean the dishes, which probably you would not perform to your partner. On the other hand, there is no possible anger at a partner who might not be getting his weight in some ways because it’s all on you and the kids and that there is nobody to help you and you will not get upset and exacerbated because that person who ought to be assisting you is unaware to the disorder around them. You get a lot more done totally alone than when you keep on counting on help that should appear but does not. Also, by definitely enjoying house cleaning, your kids understand their liabilities inside the house and what it really means to each of the family members. In the meantime, you get to endeavor to pay attention to your children when you are together, simply having fun.  When you invest a while together, they were your focus!

Oftentimes, being a single parent is much easier and more pleasant than raising kids within marriage, even when it was excellent, there have even some advantages for you and your kids, too. Here are some of the resources that will help you being a single mom.

For a space where you can make connections with the right professionals and experts, visit Today’s Single Mom at http://todayssinglemom.com/ or visit them at 2060-D E. Avenida De Los Arboles Suite 213 Thousand Oaks. California 91362, call them at (805) 244-6927 and e-mail at

For efficient, current information associated with a wide range of parenting topics that includes positive parenting, nurturing family, healthy and safety, growth and development and parenting tips, visit One Tough Job.org at http://www.onetoughjob.org/

For a non profit organization that is dedicated to helping moms find friendship and support within their own local communities that also offers discussion forums ranging from anything like childbearing, kid friendly activities, mom-only activities, local the charitable events to support moms, children, and families within your local area, visit http://www.themommiesnetwork.org/index.shtml

For the official site of the National Organization of Single Mothers, Inc that offers single mothers all over the nation support and encouragement to which you will be able to find answers to your single parent concerns, visit http://www.singlemothers.org/

Assistance for Single Mothers Dealing with Self-respect

Single mothers juggle problems

Single mothers juggle problems

Single mothers juggle problems 24/7 and it will ultimately have an effect on how she views herself and other people. Most single mothers loose their self-esteem and self-respect because of the challenges bought by raising a family. Self-respect is having appreciation, pride and assurance in you. You have to have a good amount of respect for yourself to obtain the respect from others.

A woman’s self-respect, particularly single moms, is a very important element of her ability to overcome physical and emotional pressure. There is an apparent relationship concerning decreased self-esteem and the deterioration of health connected to stress.

Women, single or married, who have a greater self-respect generally, experience significantly less stress due to the fact that they have the inclination to view stressful scenarios in life as usual and small troubles that they can effortlessly master.

Why Self-respect is Important in Employment?

If you are an individual who has self-respect then you do not search for reliance on other people if you are either employed or self-employed. Your income may be small but you have good satisfaction in yourself and you know that you are absolutely self-sufficient. You are self-confident and are capable of doing things on your own in your own way.

Those who are jobless for a significant amount of time are very much limited of self-respect. They get each and every job possibility that they come across. Money shouldn’t be the motivation; it should be self-respect. Having a job gives people a feeling of their duty, freedom and it also offers an opportunity to show their reliability and capacity in the job that they do.

Signs of Low Self-respect

Self-respect is impossible without self-confidence. If you have minimal self-respect, your self confidence is most likely to suffer as well. Nowadays, we have to be more knowledgeable in getting a balanced amount of self-respect so we can feel great about our own selves and produce a much more optimistic perspective that can support in getting through the problems in life.

  • If you disregard respect and courtesy when interacting with other individuals then it is a sign of poor self-respect. If you yourself have completely neglected these fundamental attributes in respecting other people, you will surely have a hard time in gaining respect.
  • Letting other people step on you. One apparent indication of having low self-respect is enduring other people in dealing with you badly.
  • Not adhering to your own values and ideals. A person without having self-respect is someone without a backbone. If you do not determine your unique principles and beliefs, it is like not owning individuality.
  • Placing yourself into dangerous circumstances. A person with self-respect is aware on how to behave properly when confronted with scenarios and decisions that may lead to injury.
  • Not taking proper care of your health. An additional indication of having low self-respect is having a complete neglect for your own well-being. If you don’t take care of your own health, and don’t make efforts in fundamental grooming, then other people will discover how little self respect you have.
  • An individual who does not know him or her self the inside out will proceed to have life like somebody who is lost and bewildered.

Steps on How to Gain Self-Respect

developing self respect

developing self respect

The most crucial move in developing self respect is merely to take action. Work on a particular task and get it done successfully. Just thinking about it will not make your situation any better. Be conscious and stay present and attentive to your surroundings. This will assist you in stopping to over think and just do whatever you need to get do. This is almost certainly the most effective tip for everyone who wants to gain self-respect. You should take measures simply because will help you leave your current situation and make you feel significantly less emotional. Connect with the current moment to maintain your concentration.

Face your fears and you have to keep in mind that fear is often based on wrong interpretation on situations. We usually find unfavorable and unhelpful patterns in our life centered on one or two experiences. A more beneficial practice is not taking your thoughts too severely. Recognize that failing is not the end of the world. The key here is to look at disappointment from being something that makes you feel bad to something helpful and significant for the development of your self confidence and self respect.

However, before gaining self respect, you should improve your self esteem first. Single moms will always strive to get the best for their kids and so there are a wide range of agencies that can assist them do just that. Follow this link for supplemental details (http://www.familyandhome.org).

Tips on How to Get-over Helplessness and Hopelessness for Single Mother

being a mother and a father

being a mother and a father

Being a single mother is a struggle. She takes both the responsibility of being a mother and a father to her children. She needs to work and provide for their basic needs, while nurturing them physically, mentally and emotionally. All these tasks put a load on the shoulders of a single mom, a load so heavy that her knees buckle and she falls down on an endless spiral.  She finds it difficult to stand up again and regain control. And at times, she loses hope of recovering from her fall.

What is the meaning of Helplessness and Hopelessness?

Helplessness means as the inability to accomplish something. It is the condition in which a person is person is incapable of performing an expected task or duty. Being helpless brings about feelings of frustration, anger, guilt, and shame. It changes a person’s perception of himself and his surroundings. On the other hand, hopelessness is the sadness or despair that you feel when you lose hope. You perceive your situation as something that is unsolvable, that there is no solution to your problems.  Helplessness paired with hopelessness can lead to serious conditions that involve self-esteem issues, depression, substance abuse, and even suicide.

What causes single mothers to feel helpless and hopeless?

Several factors precipitate a single mother to develop feelings of helplessness and hopelessness. One example is the loss of a husband. Whether it is due to death or abandonment, losing a husband is very devastating. It makes a woman feel alone, cast-out, ashamed, and unloved. In addition, she now takes the sole responsibility of raising her children. She works double shifts, overtime, and even part-time jobs just to sustain her family’s needs. However, she finds that even with her hard work, it is still not enough. Being a mother is hard. Even with a husband or a partner, raising your children is a challenge. Imagine how hard it is if you are alone. A child needs constant care and guidance. But with her working most of the time, she is unable to properly guide her children, which results in them acting out and misbehaving. The failure to control her children leaves her frustrated and helpless.

She now then feels hopeless with all the responsibility that she is failing to do. She asks if there is a way out of her situation. Is this how it’s always going to be? She sees the future as bleak and hopeless.

How to know if you exhibiting helplessness and hopelessness?

A single mother who is feeling helpless and hopeless manifests a variety of signs and symptoms involving the physical, emotional and mental aspect. They are often associated with depression and include changes in sleeping patterns, changes in appetite, a decreased performance at work, and decreased motivation to do tasks. She can exhibit physical symptoms such as headache, but with no apparent cause or reason. She may also develop a dependency on alcohol, cigarette and even drugs. Often times, she withdrew herself from society and avoids her family and friends. And if these feelings continue to dominate, it may lead her to do drastic measures such as suicide.

Ways to conquer the feeling of helplessness and hopelessness?

Overcoming helplessness is not an easy thing to do. It needs time, energy, and motivation. The following are tips in order for you to get-over these negative emotions.

  • Communicate with others – Most single mothers who are feeling helpless stay away from the company of others. They are cooped up in their homes and contemplate on their problems on their own. They don’t realize that in doing so, they only add to their feelings of helplessness. Opening up to someone can immensely help alleviate these feelings. Talk to family member about your thoughts and emotions. Do not be scared of being judged or criticized. Reaching out to people can be an ordeal especially if you have an instinct not to do so. However, exerting effort to communicate will yield good results.
  • Ask for help from friends and family – Your friends and families care for you and support you. They are always willing to lend a hand whenever you are in need of one. So, do not hesitate to approach them and ask for help – doing everything by yourself only leads to frustration and helplessness.
  • Give yourself a break – Don’t be hard on yourself. Know that being a single mother is no easy task. When you are unable to do one thing, don’t focus on that failure. Ask for advice or help from your friends. Together, you can finish the tasks that need to be done.
  • Get organized – Plan how you go through your day. Prioritize your responsibilities and formulate a schedule for the activities that you want done. Maximize your time and don’t waste any of it. By doing so, you ensure that you can do the tasks that you set out to do.
  • Fight off negative thoughts –Refrain from thinking that you can’t do anything. Find motivation and inspiration from the people that surround you. Being positive is contagious so, socialize with people who think positively. Furthermore, stop stressing about the future. Focus on the here and now. Remember, what happens tomorrow depends on what you did today. Thinking negatively can only add to your feelings of helplessness and hopelessness.
  • Have a healthy lifestyleTaking care of yourself is a must if you wish to fight-off negative feelings – eat a balanced diet, have enough rest and exercise regularly. Eating the right foods not only gives you energy, but it can also affect your mood. Eating food with antioxidants (such as chocolates) can increase your mood. On the other hand, exhaustion and sleeplessness causes you to see things differently from what they truly are. So, having a good night’s sleep is important.

Lastly, exercise can also affect your mood. It causes your body to release hormones that makes you happy. Having a happy outlook can counter helplessness and hopelessness.

Single Mothers: Guilt, Anger, and Resentment to Others

single motherhood emotions

single motherhood emotions

Single mothers are always subjected to too much speculation and gossips. Sometimes, they are avoided, because even with the society’s modern and liberal views, single motherhood is still not fully accepted and is considered as a taboo. They are made examples tochildren, portrayed as someone who will never be successful in life, and, will be forever doomed to misery. Now, are you still confused as why most single mothers tend to be hotheaded and negative in life?

Why They Feel Such Emotions

Before  passing any judgment, the public should first understand the reason most single mothers are almost always angry. First, they are angry with themselves for falling to such circumstances, and, they feel guilty to their parents for failing them, and, to their children for bringing them into the world with such harsh condition. It cannot be denied that most single mothers were not able to finish school (high school or college), and, sometimes, have been denounced and left alone. Having no parents to help them, no decent work to support herself and the baby, and, being scorned by the society, they have learned to hate and resent themselves, the people, and the world. If, you are a single mother and you are wallowing in pity and anger – STOP. Do not let the world crush you further. Get up. It is no longer just you. You now have a child to raise and guide into this world. Always remember,  that the children did not wish to be born in this world. It is unfair to hate them.

Empower Yourself: Get Scholarships and Grants

It cannot be denied that proper education can give single mothers a better chance to find jobs with good pay to support her family. Thus, it is highly gratifying that the government and many non-government organizations have set up several scholarship programs and grants in order to aid single mothers finish their schooling. The WISP or Women’s Independence Scholarship Program believes in such advocacy. They believe that education is a powerful tool that brings about opportunities to everyone. WISP supports both full-time and part-time students attending state supported community colleges, colleges, universities, vocational/technical schools, private schools, and profit schools. They can be contacted at (910) 397-7742 (phone) and (910) 397-0023 (fax). Their office is situated at 4900 Randall Parkway, Suite H, Wilmington, NC 28403.

Helping single parents attain self-sufficiency through post-secondary education is the advocacy of the Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund. Most of their county has its own different rules and regulations for each scholarship. However, as a general rule, the applicant must be a single head of a household, and, must have custody of at least one dependent child. Also, the applicant must also be a recipient of or applying for a Pell Grant or other federal financial aid. For more information on the qualifications for  scholarshipsona specific county, visit the website http://www.aspsf.org/students_spscholarships.html, or, contact the office of the county you are residing. The office in Montgomery County can be contacted at (870) 867-2326 (phone) and at (870) 867-4088. The Conway office can be reached at (501)354-2418, while, (870)391-3129 and (870) 391-3501. You may also approach a government office and inquire for the contact number of the office in your county. Live your life. Seize your destiny and move.

Help Yourself: Avail Housing and Assistance Programs

Avail Housing and Assistance Programs

Avail Housing and Assistance Programs

The government of the United States of America is funding various assistance programs for low income families and single mothers. One of these assistance programs is the Medicaid. Medicaid is a state system of health insurance for families and individuals who needs financial assistance. They offer low cost, if not free, medical assistance to children and families. Boston’s regional office is at John F. Kennedy Federal Building, Boston, MA 02203, and, can be contacted at 617-565-1230. The office in New York is located at Jacob K. Javits Federal Building, 26 Federal Plaza – Room 3835, New York, NY 10278, and, can be contacted at 212-616-2400. The office in Kansas City is at 601 East 12th Street, Room S1801, Kansas City, MO 64106, and can be called at their number 816-426-5925. Denver office can be reached at 303-844-2111, while, the office in Seattle can be contacted at 206-615-2515. More information about Medicaid is found at http://medicaid.gov/.

If, you have a flare for business, the Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) or Small Business Technology Transfer (SBTR) is a government program which encourages domestic small business to engage at the Federal Research / Research and Development, which may have potential to be reproduced and sold. There are eleven government departments that participate in this project, such as agriculture, education, transportation, energy, and, health and human services. More information can be found at www.sbir.gov. It is the US Small Business Administration that coordinates all the Small Business Innovative Research programs. They can be contacted at (202) 205-6450, or, can be visited at 409 Third Street, SW, Washington, DC 20416.

Formerly known as the Brooklyn Women’s Shelter, the HELP Women’s Center accommodates single homeless women ages 18 and older. The center helps women look for permanent housing and plan for their future. On top of that, medical and psychiatric services are also rendered. The HELP Women’s Center is situated at 116 Williams Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11207, and, can be contacted at (718) 483-7700 (phone) or at (718) 240-9195 (fax). Another transitional housing is the HELP Bronx Morris Avenue. This housing facility is found at 285 East 171st Street, Bronx, NY 10457. Most of the families living in this facility are headed by single mothers. Medical, dental, and mental health services are some of the assistance rendered to families. There are also GED classes, a daycare or early childhood education, after school programs, and mentoring of children. This housing can be contacted at (718) 583-0174 (phone) or at (718) 583-9085 (fax). The HELP New Horizons is another transitional house and can be contacted at (347) 381-6200. More information can be found at www.helpusa.org.

The Effects of Single Parenting:The Social Stigma of Being a Single Mother

Social Stigma of Being a Single Mother

Social Stigma of Being a Single Mother

Being a single parent is hard enough on its own. You have to be a constant source of discipline, education and fun for the child all at the same time. What makes it even harder for single parents is the social stigma of being a single mother that a lot of people in the society have. These negative social effects are either bought by the notion itself or the many qualities that most single mothers often share with each other.

The social stigma of being a single mother is often been the focus of much interest of the media nowadays, and it doesn’t really help the cause of single mothers as these mothers are being shown in a bad light which can even fuel the misconceptions people have with them. Here are several social misconceptions that society has on single mothers and the various effects that they bring.

Social Misconceptions

Most people in society often have the nagging tendency to make their own conclusions about another person without fully understanding their plight. The social stigma of being a single mother includes disparaging remarks that the single mother is hard to get along with (based on the reason that the husband left her). There are even cases in which the people makes horrible remarks about the single mother that are usually remarks like she is on drugs, she is an alcoholic and worse, she is promiscuous. It doesn’t even help that society thinks of women as weak and fragile beings compared to their male counterparts. This prevents them from enjoying such opportunities like a job, a loan grant and even a scholarship.

Despite of the social stigma of being a single mother, it cannot be denied that a lot of these mothers are in circumstances not of their choosing. Perhaps they decided on leaving their negligent husbands, or their dutiful partner died at a very young age and left no monetary support for the family, or they forced to engage in reckless sexual acts at a very young age. Single motherhood is not something that the mother willingly chose at most cases. The social stigma of a being single mother has only bought about several harmful effects to the mother and their child.

Resentment, Depression and Guilt

Since the social stigma of being a single mother is preventing them from enjoying the greater opportunities in life, it can often drive a single mother into an unhealthy state of mind. Those mothers who are abandoned by their husbands often ask themselves why they are stuck with the greater responsibility of rearing the child. This leads them to resent the presence of the child and make them oblivious to the needs of the child. This negligence even leads to unhealthy mental states for the child.

Another unhealthy mental state that is brought about by the social stigma of being a single mother is depression. This leads them to question as to why all of this is happening to them. Those who became unwilling single mothers are usually prone to this mental state as they are longing for the peace and comfort that they had prior to giving birth. Accompanied by the endless harassment and negative social image they have, depression often leaves a mother in a pitiful, if not suicidal, state.

The social stigma of being a single mother often brings guilt to the parent.Most parents of single mothers, unfortunately, have the tendency to harangue their children with such disparaging remarks like “why can’t you take care of your own?” or the annoyed “why don’t you just find a job?” There are even unhelpful remarks that some people make like “this is the last time” or “let this be a lesson to you” which can be very damaging to the mother’s confidence. These nagging remarks often bring the mother’s self-esteem down to very low levels, which makes them unproductive yet too ashamed to ask for help. It can even have an opposite effect of making the mother to rash and too proud to accept help even if they do need it.

Effects on the Child

mental state of children

mental state of children

The social stigma of being a single mother also affects the mental state of children. Since these children are often mocked of coming from a “broken home”, they usually develop an anti-social behavior which makes them difficult to work or relate with. This could even make them blame their mothers for their misfortunes which could put quite a strain on the parent-child relationship.

Children coming single parents also have a difficulty in their academics. Most of the cases often report that the children often have low self-esteem coming from the fact that they lack a strong parental figure to give them motivation. Poor finances can even contribute to their very low educational performance. Negative psychological effects can even manifest in the child in their teenage years through engaging in unwanted activities like smoking, drinking alcohol, and fighting.

Dealing with the Stigma

While there is little that can be done for the social stigma of being a single mother, the parent still has a great chance of successfully rearing their child and avoid the unwanted effects the stigma brings. The best thing that she can do is ignore all negative remarks, hold her head high and focus on rearing her child. If the single mother focuses on giving the best for their children, the negative psychological effects would not do much on her and she can be spared from an unhealthy state of mind.

The child can even be spared from the negative psychological effects, but much has to be done on the mother’s part. The mother must not stop on giving their child the encouragement they need and it is important that she has to live by example. Through this the child will become a fully-developed human being despite of the social stigma of being a single mother that their parent has.